Tinyirnfist0 Tinyirnfist0 18 May 2020

Rocky and Bullwinkle Flash cartoons from the early 2000s

I don't see the early 2000s Rocky and Bullwinkle flash cartoons in the wiki. It should have an article. These shorts mostly parodied dramas and reality shows from that era except for one short which parodied the 2004 presidential election. Unlike the original series, this appeared to be targeted towards adults as the shorts made sex jokes. There also some jokes that did not age well and are downright offensive such as the CSI parody in where Boris made a transphobic joke towards Natasha. The shorts are available on Youtube.

Here are the links.






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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 8 May 2019

Content that has yet to be proven

According to the Rialto Theater's Moosebill for "Downhill: The Musical" (a special table of contents insert created for the DVD box set Rocky and Bullwinkle & Friends, The Third Season), Natasha is supposedly the only child of Axis Sally and Count Dracula. A former Miss Transylvania, she was expelled from college for subversive activities at a local cemetery. She traveled from Transylvania to the United States at the age of 19, landing in New York, where she spent two years posing for Charles Addams and as the party girl who pops out of the big cake at embalmers' stag parties. She met Boris Badenov in 1948, when they were both arrested for throwing rocks at Girl Scouts hawking Girl Scout Cookies. Boris was immediately smitten with her char…

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Sivad6 Sivad6 13 July 2012

Movie to be made about Peabody and Sherman

There has been news a movie about Mr.peabody and sherman will be made. It will be fully CG animated. Ty Burell will play Mr.Peabody and Max Charles will play Sherman. Here is the Sypnosis for the film, Based on Jay Wards classic cartoon Mr.Peabody is the worlds smartest person happens to be a dog. When his "Pet" Boy Sherman uses their traveling WABAC machine without permisson events from history spiral out of control. Its up to the unexpected "father-son" team to somehow put things back oon track before the space time continum is irreperably destroyed.

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