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Season 2, Episode 15
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Finding Gold the 15th episode of season 2 of Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties.


Having received a shovel for Christmas, Dudley Do-Right sets out to find gold, and having become rich, finally win the hand of Nell Fenwick. After three weeks of digging, Dudley finally emerges from his hole with two bags of gold. However, when Dudley shows his newfound wealth to Horse, Snidely Whiplash overhears and decides to separate the gold from Dudley. He talks Dudley into signing a will that makes Snidely his sole beneficiary should he die.

Little did Snidely realize (indeed Dudley didn’t even know!) that Dudley had actually tunneled into Inspector Fenwick’s office, and grabbed two bags of money from the Post’s payroll. Realizing that the money was missing, Inspector Fenwick ordered Do-Right to find the thief. And so, Dudley set off for Quebec in search of clues.

Little does Dudley realize, however, that Snidely is prepared to collect on Dudley’s will, and he is waiting for him with a sniper rifle. Luckily for Dudley, Snidely knows very little about firearms, and his rifle is equipped with a kaleidoscope, instead of a telescope. Next, he tries a blow gun, not realizing that it only blows bubbles.

Finally, Snidely lassos Dudley, sticks a lit stick of dynamite in his mouth, and shoves him into a river. However, Horse recovers Dudley from the river, and carries him to the shore. Hurrying back to the Mountie post, He catches Snidely clutching bags of the payroll money, and arrests him on the spot. Snidely got 30 days in prison, while Dudley got a seven day vacation, which he decided to use to find another mine.

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  • When Dudley sees bubbles, he says, “Oh look, Horse, Lawrence Welk must be on a road tour.” Lawrence Welk (1903-92) was an American musician and bandleader, who was well known for using a bubble machine in his act.
  • This is the fourth time we see Snidney Whiplash in jail.


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