When you use this wiki, you are expected to abide by the rules set up by the admins of the said wiki. If you do not follow said rules, you will be blocked.



Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and violators will be blocked. This includes harassment towards admins. If we find evidence you are cyber-stalking any of the users, not only will we block you, but we will also report you to Wikia staff, as cyber-stalking is a crime punishable by law.

However, the context of your comments shall be taken into account. If you call someone an idiot because they were harassing you severely then they will be punished.

Racism, sexual discrimination, and sexism will not be tolerated.


Vandalism will be punished with the severity depending on the extent the user vandalized the wiki, and what kind of vandalism was committed. EX: Vandals who post sexual content and/or vandalize multiple articles will be punished more harshly than someone who only vandalizes one article with a bad joke.

Politics and Religion

This is not a place to discuss politics. This wiki if for fans of the cartoon, regardless of their personal beliefs, so there is no reason to bring either of these subjects up.

Mentioning Historical aspects that affected the cartoon is fine.

Sockpuppet Accounts

Pottsylvania hotel sign in book.jpg
If we determine your account is simply an extra account created by someone we already blocked, it's as good as blocked. We may even EXTEND your block on your other account and your sockpuppet account as punishment for trying to avert the rules. We are not Rocky and Bullwinkle, we are not easily fooled by disguises. Sockpuppet accounts also violate Wikia's terms of service, and a staff member may choose to ban you on all of Wikia for creating sockpuppet accounts.

Fan content

Fanfiction and fan characters are not allowed on the articles of the wiki. All violators will be blocked, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Fan art may be used to decorate your user page, but not on the actual articles. Fan art that has been altered (EX: Painted over to "Create fan characters") will be considered stolen and removed.

This is not up for debate. If you make a new account to put your crap back up, your account and IP address will be blocked PERMANENTLY.

Mead is not allowed

Mead will be blocked anytime she reappears on the wiki for multiple rule violations, and for cyberstalking users on multiple websites. Mead, you're never being unblocked, no matter how often you harass me and other admins on multiple wikis and websites, no matter how many new accounts you make, etc. Anytime I see you, I will report you to wiki staff, again.

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