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Mr. Peabody (adoptive father)



Walter Tetley (Peabody's Improbable History)
Lani Minella (Rocky & Bullwinkle's Know-It-All Quiz Game)
Max Charles (Mr. Peabody & Sherman & The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show)



Sherman Peabody is Mr. Peabody's trustful assistant on his time traveling WABAC machine and also his adopted son. He has been through the invention of dynamite, civil war, and much more. He was voiced by Walter Tetley in the original Peabody's Improbable History series.

It can be presumed that, since his legal adoption by Peabody, Sherman's full name is Sherman Peabody, but this was never actually spoken in the cartoons.


Sherman lived in the Hardrock Orphanage his whole life, where he was often bullied and mistreated by the director. One day, he was being beat up by a group of bullies. Mr. Peabody showed up and scared the bullies away, then he walked him home. Upon seeing how horrible the orphanage was, Mr. Peabody decided to adopt Sherman as his own son.

After submitting references (one of which being the president), Mr. Peabody was awarded full custody of Sherman. However, he insists that Sherman should never call him Daddy or Father, but rather Mr. Peabody. Upon finding out that Sherman needs running room, since there isn't a lot of space in a penthouse, Mr. Peabody builds Sherman a time machine for his birthday. They go to Ancient Rome, but they cannot understand the Latin dialogue the man is saying. Then they go to Pennsylvania in 1752, to watch Benjamin Franklin's famous kite-flying experiment with electricity, but find that Dr. Franklin is not a very nice man and hardly ever lets other people talk to him. So Peabody makes some modifications to the machine and changes it from a time machine into a "should have been machine", contaminating the past with anachronisms and making the historical figures act weird, as if they were humorous characters in a cartoon show.


Sherman is Peabody's sidekick and adopted son, and therefore very obedient to Peabody. He is very curious and mischievous but always behaves very well due to Peabody's strict nature. He can be rather simpleminded, often catching on slow to Peabody's plans during their time travel adventures. Sometimes, he can jump to conclusions.


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