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Snow White, Inc. the 11th episode of season 2 of Fractured Fariy Tales.


The short begins with the Queen being the wickedest woman in the world. She came to a mirror and tells him the fairest one of all is Snow White. After the Queen goes to the office of the Witchpak Company, she picks on Sleeping Death Apples.

Meanwhile, at the office, Snow White calls on Santa Claus to send the other dwarfs to the North Pole. When a dwarf refuses to be a child star, he explains that he had a wife and three kids in Kansas City. After sending a dwarf back to the studio, Snow White tells the Queen that all the dwarfs had left. When the Queen gives Snow White a gift from the Witchpak Company, Snow White eats an apple, falling to death.

When the Queen returned to the castle, the mirror explains that Snow White is the fairest. After ruining the Witchpak Company, the Queen uses witchcraft, and she reads a book of spells. After the Queen goes to the Prince's chamber, the Prince brings his bag, and he asks another dwarf where Snow White is. When the Prince and Snow White get rich, the Queen goes to hear the ball game on her mirror. After Consolidated Dwarf Company was back in business, the Prince and Snow White were rich, and the Prince shows Snow White apples from Witchpak. At this point, the short abruptly ends.