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The Brave Little Tailor the 7th episode of season 1 of Fractured Fairy Tales.

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The short begins with the tailor measuring about nine feet tall. After the tailor eats his lunch, he saw the flies that stopped buzzing him until he smashed them with a mallet. When the tailor makes a shirt which proclaims his great deed, and he sets out to tell the world all about it.

After the tailor left the town, he saw a bird caught in a bush and frees him by putting it in his pocket. Then he saw Ralph the giant sitting on a tree stump, and Ralph shows him that he killed seven with one blow. After Ralph throws the stone, the tailor takes the bird out of his pocket and lets it fly.

When the tailor and Ralph go into the castle, the king orders a task for the tailor. The king explains that the tailor agrees to marry his daughter after one task. When the tailor asks the king what lives in the woods, the king explains that there's a unicorn.

So, the tailor and Ralph return to the woods, and they chase after a unicorn. When Ralph meets a giant princess, they were married, and they lived happily ever after. After the tailor returns home and became a good tailor, he saw a small girl, and they were married. At this point, the short abruptly ends.