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The Cat and the Fifteen Mice the 6th episode of season 2 of Aesop and Son.



-Junior is working with a welding torch to put the finishing touches on a strange, metal contraption. He finishes and pulls his face shield up.

Junior: Well Pop, how do you like it?

Aesop: I think it's great son. What is it?

Junior: You mean you don't recognize it?

Aesop: In a word, no. In two words, no no.

Junior: Well, I'm surprised you don't recognize a Terwilliger Fly Slapping Clap-Trapper!

Aesop: Oh my, I'm surprised you can even say it!

-An annoyed Aesop, his face dripping with pie, holds a scroll out in front of junior who sheepishly shrugs at his mishap.

Junior: Heh needs a little work...

Aesop: Junior, how many times have I told you, "Anything that's worth doing is worth doing well"? Which doesn't remind me of a fable, but I'll tell you one anyway.

-The mice are having a meeting to discuss their situation

Manny: Alright, you guys heard what Aesop just said. One of these days that cat is gonna walk in here and-

Moe: Don't say it! You know I got a weak stomach!

Manny: All mices got weak stomachs! (Proudly) It's part of our heritage. But we ain't got weak heads...except for Moe here. Now I propose we move!

Mouse: To Disneyland!

Manny: That's no good! Cousin Mickey's got that spot sewed up. (Points to a picture of Mickey Mouse on the wall)

-The mice arrive at the lighthouse

Manny: Well men, this is it! Home!

Moe: Say! This is the cat's paj-! (Manny clamps Moe's mouth shut before he can finish)

-Manny and Moe look out the lighthouse window and spot the cat floating in the water

Moe: Look Manny, a shipwrecked sailor!

Manny: That ain't no shipwrecked sailor!

Moe: Lawrence Chadwick?

Manny: That is a shipwrecked cat. Give 'im a hand!

Moe: (Applauding loudly) 'Atta way to go cat baby! 'Atta way ta do it!

Manny: Not that kind of a hand! Throw him a rope!