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Season 4, Episode 1
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Top Secret is the 1st episode of final season of Dudley Do-Right.


One day, Inspector Fenwick notices a Top Secret project under construction on the mountain directly above the R.C.M.P. camp. Determined that Snidely Whiplash would not penetrate the project’s security, he details Dudley Do-Right to follow Whiplash, and keep him away. Dudley follows Snidely everywhere getting into trouble everywhere he goes.

When Dudley finally collides with Snidely at a taffy-pull, the two become literally glued together. When the project is unveiled, it turns out that it was Snidely’s project of carving the mountain in the likeness of his face! Inspector Fenwick blames Dudley for what has happened, and orders Dudley erase the face. Dudley decides to improve the situation by adding his own and the Inspector’s face to the mountain, making a sort of Dudley Do-Right Mount Rushmore.

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