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Series Name
Season 2, Episode 46-52
Written by George Atkins, Chris Hayward, Chris Jenkins and Lloyd Turner
Directed by Gerard Baldwin, Pete Burness, Bill Hurtz, Gerry Ray, Bob Schleh, George Singer and Ernie Terrazas
Episode Guide
The Last Angry Moose
The Three Mooseketeers

Wailing Whale is the seventh/last story arc from the second season of Rocky and His Friends. It was broadcast on ABC during the 1960-61 television season. It depicts Rocky J. Squirrel, Bullwinkle J. Moose, and Captain Peter Peachfuzz searching for Maybe Dick, the Whaling Whale.



Maybe Dick, a legendary ship-devouring whale from (very questionable) seafaring lore, has begun ravaging the shipping industry. Powerful magnate Pericles Parnassus recruits our friends from Frostbite Falls on a mission to fish for the monster with a telephone pole. However, Parnassus has in fact loaded the ship full of TNT, recruiting the hapless heroes as unwitting suicide bombers.


  1. Wailing Whale
  2. Vagabond Voyage or The Castoffs Cast Off
  3. Fear on the Pier or What's Up Dock?
  4. TNT for Two or Fright Cargo
  5. Underwater Eyeball or The Deep Blue See
  6. Underwater Moose or The Aqua-lunk
  7. Terror On The Seas or We’ve Only Begun to Fright
  8. Blank Night or The Age of Nothing
  9. Defective Story or A Muffled Report
  10. Leaky Lyrics or Bullwinkle Plugs a Song
  11. Follow the Swallow or The Inside Story
  12. Playtime for Rollo or Rest In Pieces
  13. A Whale of A Tale or Thar She Blows Up
  14. Fast and Moose or Charley's Antlers